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CMR Successfully produces quality EMD and EMM

In the fall of 2013, new core samples were taken to be sent to labs for bench scale testing using various mineral processing techniques to see if we could upgrade the manganese and iron to sellable products.  


The bench scale testing occurred in the first few months of 2014. Our goal for the bench scale test was to process the manganese to an Electrolytic Manganese metal (EMM) and Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD).  The following text and information is excerpts taken from various articles on EMM and EMD.   


'Today there are no domestic suppliers of EMM in North America today.  China controls 97% of the world trade in EMM.  Manganese is the 4th largest traded metal worldwide and you cannot make steel without it.  Manganese can also replace the more costly nickel alloy used in stainless steel.


One of the first new widespread uses for EMD is used in Lithium-Ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV).  This technology is already used by GM's Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf and other automotive manufacturers.  The Argonne National Laboratory has also developed a "High Capacity Manganese Rich Cathode" battery and they claim it holds twice the charge of other Lithium-Ion type batteries currently in use, can be recharged in a few minutes and has a lower production cost than other comparable Lithium-Ion type batteries currently in development.


The US is one of the if not the largest consumer of EMD worldwide.  Currently battery consumption of EMD is predicted to be the fastest growing segment of manganese production worldwide.'


CMR was very pleased the benchmark tests were able to successfully create EMD and EMM.  And, plans in 2015 are to produce a pilot plant that will produce the EMD and create a green energy storage battery.

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