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Protection of the Environment is our Number One Priority

The Emily Deposit is located in the beautiful lakes area of Emily Minnesota.  The potential mining project is under the watchful jurisdiction of many regulatory agencies with the lead agency being the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  In 2010, we conducted a water-jet extraction technique, our demonstration project, that required several permits from State and Federal agencies. 

We tested 900 personal homeowner wells in the area to help them understand the iron and manganese levels in their water, a volunteer offer that many appreciated.

We continue to monitor lake quality and levels even after the demonstration ended in 2011.  From May through August, 2010 the following permits were given to Cooperative Mineral Resources for the demonstration, including the Environmental Assessment Worksheet approved by the DNR:   (If we proceed with a commercial project, the proposal may be reviewed in an Environmental Impact Statement.)


Description of Acronyms
US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency
MN DNR (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
MN PCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
MN DOT (Minnesota Department of Transportation)
EAW (Environmental Assessment Worksheet)
MSHA/OSHA  (Mine Safety and Health Administration/Occupational and Safety Health Administration)

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